Compressor Tech2 - January-February 2022

GTI foresees growth of fuel cell technology in the coming years
CB&I to build two LNG storage tanks
DOE study to assess hydrogen compatibility with U.S. pipelines
Sundyne fields queries for assets that process hydrogen

MQA recommended for lubrication strategy of reciprocating compressors
Sloan updates lubrication system

Kodiak unveils real-time operations monitoring system
Siemens Energy’s enhanced DLE offers additional flexibility
Baker Hughes to provide CO2 compression equipment

Editor’s comment: Gas as a path to alternative energy
Industry News: Production expected to climb in 2022
Gas Lines: Prices expected to ease in 2022
Company News: Additional M&A activity expected
Monitoring Government: Mountain Valley Pipeline Project planned for completion this summer
Shale Play-By-Play
Euro Gas Report
Take 5: Mitsubishi to boost carbon capture and storage investments
Tech Corner: Electric motors driving reciprocating compressors
Cornerstones of Compression: Ingersoll-Rand gas turbines

Compressor Tech2 January-February 2022 Articles